Precision Screen Enclosures, Inc. takes pride in the workmanship of each and every project. Precision Screen Enclosures, Inc. provides affordable and reliable services in residential areas, commercial, and industrial zones. Homeowners and contractors appreciate the attention to detail, punctuality, honesty, integrity, and positive attitude that comes from the staff on each and every project. All work performed comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Services include but are not limited to:

Custom Screen Enclosures & Pool Cages: Structures typically in the back of a house, or on the side, even in the center of homes. These structures have roof panels which are anything horizontal and on an angle.

Patios & Lanais: Screen room that only has screen on the walls, typically in the back or on the side of a house or condo.

Front Entryways: Screened porch with a screen door at your front door. Most people have one of these to let the cool air run through their front door through to their back porch or windows during the cool winter months. This allows you to turn your air conditioning off and just let the cool breeze lower the temperature of your home without opening it up to the bugs or letting pets out.

Screen Doors & Hardware: Allows access onto and out from a screen enclosure or patio. The hardware kit found on a screen door allows the screen door to latch with a handle on either side of the screen door and closes with a hydraulic pump.

Concrete Anchors & Screw Replacement: Replacing rusted screws and concrete anchors to ensure the integrity of a structure during strong winds and hurricanes. There are different options for concrete anchors and screws to choose from when replacing them.

Pet Doors: Typically found on a lanai or screen enclosure to let pets in and out without making you open the screen door for them. The best kind, in my opinion, come from Home Depot, however, only come in white, but they can be painted if you have bronze aluminum for your screen room.

Carports & Insulated Roofing: These structures can be found on either driveways and on lanais to offer cover from the sun. These roof types can also be screened in or have glass or acrylic walls to add more room to your home to be under air.

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